Water Tanks

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City Tanks
City Tank Metro Water, the monopoly water supplier to Auckland city charges around $1000 to $1200 for a family of four, yearly water supply.

They do this by firstly charging a water rate for water usage, and then they charge 75% of that usage for discharging the water. Basically if you use $700 worth of water, you get charged $500 for discharging it as well. By installing one of our City Tank dual water systems you can bypass most of the Metro Water charges, and we believe savings of up to 70% can be made.

This means that your $1200 water bill could drop to as low as $360.

We can manufacture any size tank either underground or on top of the ground to meet either your total or partial water needs.

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Water Tanks
Water Tanks We Manufacture Ferro cement water tanks in most sizes, but 5000 (22,500L) and 6000 (27,000L) are the most popular sizes, and this is the size that has become the most cost effective. (We build more of them so we have become more efficient at making them.)


A 5000-gallon (22,500L) tank is $3550 and a 6000-gallon (27,000L) is $3850, Underground 5000 gallon (22,500L) is $4250. Underground 6000 gallon (27,000L) $4550. In ground thick wall tanks (5000 - $3650, 6000 - $3950)

These prices include G.S.T but are plus delivery.


Septic Tanks
Septic Tank We also manufacture single chamber Septic tanks in sizes 4,500L, 5,000L, 6,000L, and 7,000L.

The prices for each are $1750, $1950, $2250, and $2550. (Includes G.S.T and filter) - plus delivery.

Dual chamber Septic tanks are 4500L $1950, 5000L $2250, 6000L $2550, and 7000L $2750 (Includes G.S.T and filter) - plus delivery.

Bio filters
Council regulations require that each Septic tank is also fitted with a Bio filter. The costs for these are $250.They are included in the price of the septic tank.These filters sift out the fats that can clog up your drainage fields. They are cheap insurance against having to replace blocked drainage systems.

Environmental Septic Tanks
Environmental Water Tank We also manufacture environmental septic tanks. These are the Rolls Royce of septic tanks, where household effluent is filtered, aerated, and biodegraded.The treated effluent is pure enough to be used to irrigate garden shrubs.

Download Water Tank 22500L diagram PDF
Download Underground Water Tank 22500L diagram PDF
Download Water Tank 27000L diagram PDF
Download Underground Water Tank 27000L diagram PDF
Download Water Tank 36000L diagram PDF
Download Two Underground Water Tanks 22500L diagram PDF

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