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Jacobs Tanks.

Is a privately owned company based in the central Waikato town of Ngaruawahia. We have been operating since 1984. We are committed to the development and manufacture of domestic water and wastewater systems. We employ only qaulified drainlayers as our approved installers. They are able to provide a full installation service of our sewerage systems plus any other plumbing and drainlaying requirements that you may have. Remember too that their advice is always free.
Each one of our household sewerage systems comes with a full three year service warranty.

Domestic water storage. A short history.

Domestic water storage in New Zealand began of necessity as soon as people set foot on these Islands, and when settlement began in ernest during the first part of the 19th century the first priority was the digging of wells to provide a continuous supply of fresh water.
Well digging, however, was a laborious business and depended entirely on location of fresh water springs underground. If there were no springs then the well was dug in vain.
It was not long before towns and cities were providing piped water from Dams and Reservoirs to households. Not all people had access to this service however, and as cities such as Auckland expanded beyond the scope of piped water, and as farmers and smallholdings developed in the surrounding countryside a more efficient and convenient method of water storage was required.

Corrugated Iron Tanks.

In the late 1800's settlers discovered that by rolling corrugated roofing iron into a circle and then riveting and soldering the joins, a large watertight container could be made. These corrugated iron tanks were generally about 500 gallons (2250 L) capacity, and it was not uncommon to see two or three of them lined up against the side of a house on a tank stand. The tank stand gave a small amount of water pressure to the household supply by lifting the tank in the air.
Also in use about this time and well into the next century were heavy square iron containers, riveted at the joints. These containers were used to export farm machinery parts from England. The Machinery was generally packed in grease, which then had to be cleaned out before the tank could be used.

Concrete Tanks

In the 1930's experimentation started with the use of precast concrete (that is concrete manufactured using a mould) as a medium for water storage. The early models were heavily reinforced concrete segments that were fitted together and then held in place by cables that encircled the whole tank. Some of these tanks are still around today.

Manacon Tanks

It was in the early 1960's that a fellow called Jim Hannah formed a company called the Manawatu Concrete Company and started building tanks using Ferro cement or plaster. A mould was constructed, mesh was wrapped around the mould and plaster was applied in layers to the mesh. The mould was then stripped out and a free standing wall was the result. This method of Ferro Cement construction (as opposed to the older precast concrete method) enabled larger and lighter concrete tanks to be constructed. At first they were built on site, and then winches and rollers were used to haul them onto trucks for transport and delivery. Nowadays we use 35 tonne Hiabs to lift the tanks.A nationwide industry was the result, and the tanks became known as ManaCon tanks after the company that first made them. Jim Hannah later moved to Hamilton where he made tanks for several years on the TeRapa straight. He then moved to Adelaide in South Australia .

30th August 2005 . Received an email from Mikko Puro who bought Manacon tanks off Jim Hannah when he shifted to Adelaide . Jim retired to Queensland in 1995, and recently passed away there after a short illness.

Jacobs Tanks

In 1984 I started manufacturing tanks on a contract basis for Hibiscus Tanks who had set up a branch in Ngaruawahia. After a year I left to set up my own. My first tank was built in April of 1985 for Andy Anderson of Tekowhai. Eight years later Andy moved houses so we hauled the tank onto a truck and took it to Andy's new house in Gordonton. Twenty Nine years later it's still going strong.

Andy Andersons 16 year old water tank

Click Here to see some tanks being built.

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