Enviro Tanks

We also manufacture a chamber aerated sewerage systems, (Envirotanks is our brand name)and we can deliver these anywhere in the North Island. These are the Rolls Royce of septic tanks, where household effluent is filtered, aerated, and biodegraded until what is left is pure enough to be used on your garden.

What we are also finding is that these envirotanks make excellent orrigation systems during the elNino droughts that are now happening every 3-4 years

Our "Envirotank" rivals competitor's systems such as Hynds Lifestyle system, Quantum wastewater systems and Oasis Clearwater Environmental Systems. Our Envirotank stands equal to these other systems and is available at a more affordable price.

For those of you who are more technically minded, this means that the treated sewerage has a Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is less than or equal to 20 grams/m3 with no sample greater than 30g/m3 and the suspended solids(SS) are less than, or equal to, 30 grams/m3 with no sample greater than 45 grams.

These septic tanks have four chambers.

1) Primary settlement chamber for initial settling of solids.

2) Secondary aerobic chamber, where the effluent is initially filtered and then aerated so that it can be microbe treated for further breakdown.

3) Tertiary settlement chamber, where any suspended matarial settles out of the liquid, and where venturi action from the aerator takes any left over material and transports it back to the primary chamber for further treatment.

4) Pumping chamber which includes a submersible pump to disperse the treated effluent to the soakage fields.














The price is $10,250 including installation and field drainage,(installation is from the tank to the drainage fields, not from the house to the tank. The price also includes G.S.T, filters and pumps. Does not include delivery.

However if you are installing a full household water tank and sewerage system (water tank, septic and pump) we can quote you a package price.

Process Description
The envirocycle sewerage system employs a process known as aerobic digestion. During this process, bacteria that require oxygen to maintain their life processes, utilize incoming sewerage as their food supply.

Reductions in the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and suspended solids (SS) of up to 95% can be expected, with BOD less than or equal to 20g/m3 with no sample greater than 30g/m3, with SS of less than or equal to 30g/m3 and not greater than 45g/m3.

The Envirocycle Tank
Each home plant comes as a complete package unit requiring only pit excavation, sewer and electrical connection and RAAM disposal field installation.

The unit has a holding capacity of 9000L (2000 gallons) and consists of 4 compartments. The aim of each compartment is to slow down the flow of effluent and to increase the distance that the effluent has to travel. In this way solids are given the optimum time and distance in which to be bio-degraded and settle out of the liquid medium.

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