Detention/Retention Tanks

Stormwater Detention and RetentionTanks

Most Greater Auckland and North Island local authorities are now insisting on the installation of stormwater detention and retention tanks in all new houses to control the flow of stormwater runoff.

A Detention tank is one that only slows the flow of stormwater.The storm water comes into the tank through a 100ml inlet and then 'dribbles' out through a small aperture in the bottom of the tank.

A Retention tank is a tank where the stormwater is 'retained' in the tank so that it can be used for household use, the overflow is then run off to the council stormwater system.

A Detention/Retention tank is a combination of both these types of system

They come in all shapes and sizes, from 4000L through to 27,000L. We can make up to 36,000L(8000 gal) transportable tanks. These, delivered by Hiab, can only be above ground. If underground is required we need cranes to lift them (They are too heavy for the Hiabs). The 36,000L above ground tanks are $5050 incl plus delivery

Download tank Detention Tank diagram PDF
Download tank Retention Tank diagram PDF
Download tank Detention Retention Tank diagram PDF
Download tank Detention Retention Tank - 9 different sizes PDF


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