Tank Delivery

Delivery of Tanks

We try to do our best to put your water tank where you want it, but bless you all, some of you think that trucks can fly.

Now our trucking company is cranky with us because we have just caused them $38,000 worth of damage to one of there Hiabs, by trying to get a tank into a site that was to difficult.

So from now on the following rules apply:

    1) For underground and inground tanks we have to get within 1.0m of the hole

    2) A tank on the back of a truck is 3.7m wide and 2.6 + 1.3 = 3.9m high.

    This means that overhanging branches, telephone and power wires need to be out of the way.

    Gateways need to be wider than 3.7m

    Gateposts lower than 1.3m high.

    3) A truck needs 4m of clearance for Power Lines by Law

    This means that if you stand directly under the power lines the truck cannot come within 4m of where you are standing

    Take this into account when you site your tank

    4) Be wary of dumping to much fill up to and around the site.

    The trucks that deliver our tanks are 20 tonne plus, therefore it will sink right into any fill that you may have put up to or around the hole where the tank must go.

    Best course of action is to level out the natural hard earth for the truck and "landscape" after the tank has been successfully placed in the hole.

The site approach to the tank site needs to be flat, if it isn't then a 12 tonne digger must be on site to hold the front of the truck down.

It takes us 1/2 hour to unload a truck

If it takes longer than this because you are not organised, or have not given us adequate access then we reserve the right to either charge $120 plus GST standing time, OR drop the tank on site.

This also applies to wet and /or boggy sites. Either have a digger there or compacted gravel to the tank site.



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